Welcome to my art journey



Hi, I am Simon Baxter, an Australian Artists, living in Biloela, Queensland.

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website and welcome into my world where I express my thoughts and feelings through art.

Meet the Artist

I grew up in a small Western Queensland called Aramac, before spending my early adult life in Yeppoon and Brisbane.

Playing sport, especially cricket and golf, was a focal part of my life. Art was not a focal point; however I did enjoy drawing from time to time.

I have always enjoyed looking at pictures with inspiring quotes on them, especially ones relating to determination and persistence.  

Feeling Inspired

In 2020, I became inspired to paint my own piece of art.  I had no real knowledge of how colours interact with each other; or how they change an image’s depth and perception.

With a thirst for knowledge, I began watching art tutorials on YouTube and following many artists on social media. 

"Expressing my thoughts"

After completing my first masterpiece, I began painting more. I found I started painting more about my emotions and thoughts. My paintings stemmed from my thoughts on pleasure, love, nature and overcoming depression. Art has allowed me to see the beauty in my thoughts and emotions as they are expressed on canvas.

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