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Who is your audience?


Who is your audience?

Who is my audience? This question was posed to me recently and probably has been posed to many aspiring artists, when they begin their art journey or developing their art style.

What do they mean by audience? Why is this question important to an aspiring artist?

To me audience implies my viewers, the people who like, follow and purchase my artwork.

Therefore, are the people who ask this question implying that I complete artworks that are aimed at buyers of a particular genre, such as landscape, art deco, abstract, etc, etc.

Are these people who ask this question, buying your artwork or are they telling you to concentrate on a particular style for better marketing opportunities? Personally, I think people who ask this question do not truly understand an artist. They do not understand the mind of an artist and their ability to be creative. Telling an artist to focus on one area stifles their ability to be creative, grown, learn and explore their mind and artistic talent.

When I started out on my art journey I never considered or contemplated who would be my audience.

I use art to express myself. It allows me to express my thoughts and emotions onto a piece of canvas.

I also use art to challenge myself. Challenge myself to paint an image that I like as best as I can and me a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Art has the amazing ability to invoke joy, happiness and curiosity through an image to both the artist and the viewer.

Having an audience is important if you want to sell your artwork, because no one likes to perform in an empty arena, if that is what your goal is. I could easily focus on one particular style or genre if it makes me sales and creates and audience. However, will I become stagnant and will I still be happy?

I use art to be ME, not what some else wants me to be. I didn’t get into art to appease some else. I got into art to escape my thoughts and explore my mind. Therefore, my audience would have to be me and anyone who has joined me on my journey.

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