Simon LJ Baxter

Why I created “Pleasures”

The image depicted in ‘Pleasures’ (2020) can evoke a variety of emotions in a viewer. Most of those emotions relate to being disrespectful to God or their religious beliefs.

Why? One reason could be the sexual connotation of the image itself, a naked woman receiving oral pleasure OR is it the fact that the naked woman is depicted as an Angel and the person giving the oral pleasure is the Devil.

Firstly, I chose a naked person as spiritual nakedness in the Bible figuratively indicates innocence, defenselessness, vulnerability, helplessness, and purity.

Furthermore, I chose an Angel as my naked woman as, some say Angels are supernatural spiritual beings who serve God, thus are servants of God.  God created angels and sent them into the world to carry out his will and work for our good. Angels are valuable and highly qualified servants who are far more intelligent, powerful, and morally pure.

Morally pure?? What is morally pure? When referring to moral purity are we referring to sexual purity; physical chastity; virginity. 

According to the Bible, the connation of moral purity, without sin, requires an individual should abstain from sexual intercourse and childbirth.

How is the world meant to populate if we are to remain morally pure??

Therefore, the reason behind painting “Pleasures” was to show disdain for the hypocrisy of religion. I took one of God’s purest creations and put them in an unfaithful and sinful situation, showing that even the purest is not beyond reproach or sin.

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