Simon LJ Baxter

Two lovers embrace under the full moon as the waves crash into them.

How I created the painting “Scenic Love” by Simon LJ Baxter

Two lovers embrace under the full moon as the waves crash into them.

“Scenic Love”

A full moon has always been mystifying to me. I have noticed during the presence of a full moon; people’s behaviors change and the environment change. It seems that during the full moon, People are either more amorous or aggressive.

Also during a full moon, we seem to have higher high tides. It’s like the waves of the ocean are dictated by the presence of the moon and when there is a full moon the ocean swells.

Coincidentally, floods seem to occur during a full moon.

When I painted “Scenic Love” I wanted to try and show how the full moon not only had an effect on the tide, but also the couple depicted in the painting.

The Couple

The couple depicted in the painting shows the woman seeking solace in the arms of the man, because her emotions have been affected by the presence of the full moon.

The man is not only comforting her during this time, but he is trying to protect her from the waves that are crashing into them.

When the waves crash into his back the waves disperse around him, like in the shape of wings.

Is he her angel during this time of need?

The process…..

When I first started painting, most of the paintings came from images in my head.

I would then look for images on google to help me find the right type of picture to reference from to bring my image/story to life on canvas.

After I have found reference photos, I then try and do a rough drawing in my sketchbook to get the layout of the painting.

I have tried before to sketch the image/layout directly onto the canvas, but that method has not been effective for me, probably because I keep changing my mind. lol.

I took a painting class….

At this point in time in the painting, I got to attend a one day art class at Bienarte and have some tutoring by Master Artist Marcel Desbiens.

The class involved us bringing in our own uncompleted artwork and equipment and Marcel would guide us.

Well what a day. I learnt I was drawing heads wrong. lol. He gave me a better understanding of light and shade. I was apprehensive about making my paintings too dark. He encouraged me to embrace the dark tones to better enhance the painting and take it to another level. He gave me a better understanding of how light reflects and where it was coming from.

It was such a valuable and enlightening day.

I am self-taught. Everything I had learnt about painting up until that point was through YouTube videos.


As an Artist, well me anyway, we endeavored to portray a message, a feeling or emotion for our viewers to resonate with and have a greater appreciation of the art piece.

Will you be someone’s angel when they need your comfort, support and protection?

Two lovers embrace under the full moon as the waves crash into them.
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